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Chyanne has found a great forever home!

Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne
Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne
Hey Jolene,

Here is another picture of Chyanne (with me & Zoey to boot). Notice all the burrs in their fur. It was not fun picking them off!

After she eats, Chyanne always takes a mouthful of food somewhere & buries it. Notice all the burrs in her hair from her romp I told you about,

Clyde   March 12, 2008

Hi Jolene,

As I sit here at the computer before I go to bed, I just had to write and let you know about Chayenne. First of all, her fur came back all the way. You were right, she is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen! I swear! Gorgeous animal!!!

Second, she has got to be the most loving animal I've ever been around. She won't even eat her supper until she has had some lovin'. That dog wants to be loved 24 hours a day, I mean it. She can't get enough. Sweet girl.

She continues to eat very well, and she still plays with Chip alot. She appears to love it here and seems happy with us. She never does anything wrong, obeys all our commands. In short, she seems to be the perfect dog. I love her more than any dog I've ever had in my life. Special girl.

In closing, your claims on your web site are true. I have Zoey and Chayenne from your kennels and they are both beautiful and loving animals. Conclusion, dogs from your kennel do have a great temperament and are beautiful. You bet when I want to get a new friend in the future, you know where I will come. Thanks for giving us the pleasure of having the most perfect dog we have ever seen!

Clyde   March 28, 2006

Hi Jolene,

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... oops, wrong e-mail. An update on your, I mean our big red dog. She and Silver, our old male, still despise each other. He growls at her if she gets too close and she ignores him like he is a nasty bug. But, there have been no more fights. He knows better.

She gets along with the other two very well, especially the young male who she hangs out with and plays with most of the time. The young male (Chip) tries to mate with her sometimes which has led to me now calling him "HornDog". Of course she will have none of it. This morning they were so happy because the temp was 17 degrees. They were rearing up like two big stallions on the range. I was shivering and wishing it was spring.

We are thinking we will take her to the vet during the 3rd week of Feb. to do "THE DEED". We dread it because #1 we will miss her terribly just for the short time. #2 we don't want her to think we are taking her away for good. She really loves it here. What dog wouldn't love an acre to run on surrounded by a fortress to keep them safe from the unpleasant things.

The big "Chy" does not care for dog biscuits at all. She does like the "Kibbles & Bits" we feed her, and she eats well everyday. She is filling out and her hair is coming back. It won't be long before she has her movie star looks back in full force. By the way, she absolutely still loves the bacon and chicken strip treats we give her. She gets so excited over them that I think her green eyes will pop right outta her head.

She continues to love us like she's known us all of our lives. What a special Girl she is. I can't tell you the pleasure she has brought to our lives! Not to say our other 3 dogs were boring, but she does bring a fresh "spark" out there. You can just call her "Miss Personality".

Well I do tend to ramble on, don't I? After 57 years on this planet I still get excited over the teriffic things in life. Dogs just happen to be the best 'teriffic' in my humble opinion. I will agree with your web page, your dogs DO have the best tempermanent I have ever seen. From Zoey to Chyanne, they are sweethearts. You can really be proud of your 'girls'.

PS. After Chyanne's spay, if the "HornDog" doesn't quit trying to mate with her, I will have his butt neutered. After all, a girl can only put up with so much attention.

From Doggie Central,

Clyde   February 07, 2006

Hi Jolene,

Just a short note to let you know about your big red dog. She whipped our older dog's butt 2 more times before he started to leave her alone & accept her. No damage to her but he got a cut on his ear and nose. He is okay, his pride is just a little hurt. I've started calling him 'Rocky' but my wife doesn't approve. I'll tell her that Rocky is training and jumping rope. *Ha Ha*

She continues to be happy here. She gets along well with the other 2 dogs and plays with them daily. As for us, she acts like she's known us all her life. She will put her head under my arm and love on me. She loves to make eye contact with you... BOY does she ever. She will stare into your eyes till you think she is looking into your very soul. We love her very much.

Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is bacon treats. I will give her a couple every morning when Pat goes to work to keep her and the others occupied so that they won't get her working clothes dirty. So all in all, I would have to say that she does love it here, and runs all over the place. We will guard her with our very lives and protect her from the badies of the world. Thank you so much for trusting us with such a special girl.

PS. Don't tell Pat but Chyanne is now my favorite dog here!

Clyde   January 30, 2006

Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne

135 lbs
advertising weight
107 lbs. - real weight

Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne
born March 2, 2000
Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne
Registration provided
upon request
Hudsons Malamutes - Chyanne
Chyanne is also on our home page
shown asleep with one
of her pups

Chyanne's great-grandfather is Kota
in the Disney movie "Iron Will"

The most beautiful red Malamute I have ever seen.... That is the best way to describe Chyanne. And, her pups are just as beautiful as their mother. If you see a red Mal pup, you need to ask if Chyanne is their mother or grandmother. She has a beautiful flowing red coat. She does well in her pack. She is not really bossy, only when it comes to getting my attention. She likes to always know what is going on and will be the first to tell the whole world that she should be first. I am blessed to have Chyanne as part of my kennel. Thanks, Sherry.....
Hudsons Chyanne   Hudsons Chyanne
Chyanne - December 2004

Hudsons Chyanne Hudsons Chyanne Hudsons Chyanne
Chyanne - October 2005

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, but to you goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.
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